Halsband med kedja.

Mila Silver

JAM JAM Chain necklace, silver

ROD MINI halsband silver - Mila Silver
ROD MINI halsband silver - Mila Silver

Mila Silver

ROD MINI necklace silver

ROD LONG halsband silver - Mila Silver
ROD LONG halsband silver - Mila Silver

Mila Silver

ROD LONG necklace silver

Silverhalsband med en stor silverkedja.
MEGA CHUNKY Round Chain halsband - Mila Silver
Ett maffigt kedjehalsband med runda pansarlänkar.
MegaSilverhalsband med bred chunky kedja..

Mila Silver

Mega Chunky Curb Chain Necklace

Silverhalsband med stav i pansarkedja.
Ett långt silerhalsband med stav i kedja.

Mila Silver

MILA 45° Necklace silver

ROD LARIAT halsband silver - Mila Silver
ROD LARIAT halsband silver - Mila Silver

Mila Silver

ROD LARIAT necklace silver

UNIT LINK Kedja halsband, silver - Mila Silver
SILVER PEARL Halsband, silver - Mila Silver
Halsband med ett band av silverkulor.

Mila Silver

SILVER PEARL Necklace, silver

Halsband med bred silverkedja.

Unisex chain Paperclip

Mila Silver's Paperclip chain is a stylish chain necklace in a unisex style.

The chain has oval links, which gives an airy and stylish impression. A choker style chain that goes with everything.

The chain is available in two widths. The narrow Paperclip chain can be worn with or without a pendant.
The wider chain is a nice chain necklace worn as is. A necklace that is sufficiently chunky to wear in everyday life.
Mila Silver's Paperclip chains are made in Italy.

Jam Jam - chain necklace with horseshoe links

Discover our latest model of chain necklace - the Jam Jam necklace. A very nice solid silver chain with a nice weight.
The chain is tight and of the Horseshoe model. Small U-shaped links with small silver balls.
The chain is available as a necklace and bracelet.

The handmade massive silver chain

Mila Silver's Mega Chunky Chain necklace has everything you need and want.
A beautiful chain necklace of the highest quality with nice round shapes. Handmade in Italy by world-leading chain manufacturers.

Thick chains take care of themselves and are an easy necklace to wear. Put on the chain and feel dressed. A wide chain necklace reinforces or breaks off a style direction in your outfit.
Our Silver Chunky Chain Necklaces are of the highest quality and can be worn for generations.