Large silver rings

Size selection for wide rings

The width and thickness of a ring is important for which size you should choose.
Generally speaking, rings that are wider than 5 mm may require one to half a size larger than you normally wear.
This also applies to ring combinations where it is the total width that matters.
We inform you in the article description if you should choose a size larger than normal.

If you don't know your ring size, read our guide in the link below.

Silverring med stor knut.

Fit wide rings

How a ring should sit and feel on the finger is a matter of taste.

Our general advice regarding fit for wide or thick rings:
The ring should be able to be put on and off with little resistance over the knuckle.
Once in place, the ring should sit a little loose.
You should not drop the ring when you shake hands.
It is important that air enters under the ring so that the skin does not become moist.

Also keep in mind that your hands swell sometimes.
Therefore, it is good to try on the ring you have ordered a few times during the day, both morning and evening, to be sure that the ring is the right size.

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