MILA COMBO Ring stack 4 mm rings + Amalia ring


Ring stack silver | Mila Combo 4 mm rings + Amalia ring | Design Mila Silver

A stylish ring stack with three silver rings that you can wear in many different ways.

The combination consists of two smooth silver rings 4 mm wide made of solid silver and a narrow silver ring with silver balls.

So you can vary the ring combination

Vary this ring stack by wearing the plain rings without a ring in between for a classy look.
Amalia ring is suitable for combining with many other rings.
You can also add the same ring Mila Combo ring 4 mm frost or the hammered version of this ring .

Dimensions & details

Thickness of the rings: 4 mm | 2 mm
Solid Silver | round profile
925 sterling silver
Design Mila Silver

Size guide rings

Size guide for rings


How to find out your ring size

- Measure an existing ring you have at home
Measure it with a ruler or tape measure internal diameter in mm
(do not bring the metal).

- Buy a ring gauge
Order a ring gauge that is easy to use. Wrap the band around the finger you want to wear the new ring. Read through the small magnifying glass.

- Measure the circumference of your finger
Take a piece of string or thread and measure the circumference around your finger. Where the ends meet, cut off and measure on a ruler. The measurement you get in mm is the circumference.
Compare this number with the size chart above.

For a more detailed guide, read RING SIZE GUIDE

About the collection

Mila Combo has been one of our most popular collections since its inception.
Rings combined into ring stacks that can be varied and changed over time.

Mila Silver's ring stacks are carefully tested so that the rings in the combination fit and lift each other.

The rings are made by hand in genuine silver and can be worn in everyday life and at parties, rings for life simply.

/ Mila Silver

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