WEDDING / ENGAGEMENT RINGS SET Alliance ring + Plain ring


Set with wedding / engagement ring for her & him | Diamond ring + silver ring

A stylish and classic set of wedding or engagement rings for her & him.

The diamond ring is halfway covered with white diamonds, total 0.27 ct.
The silver ring is a 5 mm wide plain silver ring with straight profile.

Both rings can be combined with other rings.
See suggestions for matching rings for her further down.

Manufacturing time for the diamond ring: approx. 2 weeks



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- Read Size guide for rings further down.
- Buy a ring gauge
- Order sample rings
You can order home one or a couple sizes of rings to try on that have the same measurements as this set. You simply return with the prepaid return shipping slip and then order this set + any engraving .
For men's ring order: Mila Man ring silver, 5 mm
For diamond ring, order: Mila Combo ring thin

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Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds that are produced in an ethical and sustainable way. A lab-grown diamond is produced by recreating the natural formation of a diamond. A fragment of a diamond is used which is then subjected to pressure and high heat.
A lab-grown diamond has the same physical, chemical and optical character as a natural diamond. Therefore, a lab-grown diamond is difficult to distinguish from a natural diamond. The appearance, luster and quality are identical.

Dimensions & details

Diamond ring
- 18 x 0.015 ct | Total 0.27 ct
- Quality: WSI
- Lab grown diamonds
- Ring width/thickness: 2 mm
- Round profile
- 925 sterling silver
- Manufacturer Guldbolaget, Sweden

Silver ring
- Width: 5 mm
- Thickness: 2 mm
- Straight profile
- 925 sterling silver
- In Stock

Size guide rings

Size guide for rings


How to find out your ring size

- Measure an existing ring you have at home
Measure it with a ruler or tape measure internal diameter in mm
(do not bring the metal).

- Buy a ring gauge
Order a ring gauge that is easy to use. Wrap the band around the finger you want to wear the new ring. Read through the small magnifying glass.

- Measure the circumference of your finger
Take a piece of string or thread and measure the circumference around your finger. Where the ends meet, cut off and measure on a ruler. The measurement you get in mm is the circumference.
Compare this number with the size chart above.

For a more detailed guide, read RING SIZE GUIDE

About the collection


Silver rings for engagements and weddings are an obvious choice in our opinion. Here we explain why.

- Engagement rings in silver are both modern and timeless.
Silver has a whiter color compared to white gold, which is more gray in color.
- If you want to combine your engagement ring in silver with a wedding ring that has diamonds, the silver and diamonds harmonize very nicely.
- Engagement rings in silver are significantly more affordable than rings in white gold.
- Silver engagement rings are good for engraving.

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