How to find out your ring size

  • Measure an existing ring you have at home

    Measure the inner diameter in millimeters using a ruler or measuring tape.
    Precision is key here. A one-millimeter margin of error can make a significant difference.
  • Measure the circumference of your finger

    Take a piece of string or thread and measure the circumference around your finger. Where the ends meet, cut it off and measure it with a ruler. The measurement in millimeters is the circumference. Compare it with the size chart below.
  • Purchase a ring sizer

    Slide the sizer onto your finger, tighten it, and read your size through the small magnifying glass.
    Remember not to tighten it too much. The ring sizer should fit like a comfortable ring. You should be able to slide it on and off with some resistance.

Things to consider before choosing a ring size

There is typically one size difference between, for example, the ring finger and the middle finger. Many people can wear the same size on the middle and index fingers.
However, the difference is highly individual, and the safest method is to measure an existing ring that fits the intended finger. You can also measure the circumference of your finger, see more info below.

Mila Silver ring sizes

Our women's silver rings are available in sizes 48-61 with some exceptions.
Men's rings are available up to size 66.

If you fall between two of our sizes, please contact us. The size is also determined by the ring model. Perhaps a slightly larger or smaller silver ring will fit perfectly.

Loose or tight?

How a ring should feel on the finger is a matter of personal preference. Some prefer their rings to fit loosely and comfortably, while others like a tighter feel.

Our general advice regarding fit is that the ring should be easy to slide on and off the finger with a little resistance over the knuckle. Once in place, the ring should fit a bit loosely, but you shouldn't risk losing it when shaking your hand.

It's important that air circulates beneath the ring to prevent the skin from becoming damp.

Also, keep in mind that your hands may swell at times. Therefore, it's a good idea to try on the ring you've ordered a few times throughout the day, both in the morning and evening, to ensure it's the right size.

/ Mila Silver

If it goes wrong...

No worries, you have a 60-day return and exchange policy.
If you need to change the size or return the item, fill out the return form and send the rings back to Mila Silver.
You are responsible for the return shipping and cost.
In case of exchange we send the new rings with free shipping to you.

Feel free to contact us | +46705347316

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MAMMOTH RING - Limited Edition



Silverring med stor silverkula.

HAPPY Ring silver



Silverring med nitar som ligger på ett sidentyg.
Hand som bär tre silverringar på olika fingrar, alla ringar har nitar.

YES I AM Band Ring, silver



En silverring som bildar ett kors.
En hand med flera stora silverringar. A cross ring, Happy ring - en ring med stor kula och en smalare silverring.

A Cross silver ring



MILA COMBO ring 4 mm, blank - Mila Silver

MILA COMBO ring 4 mm, glossy