This is how you polish your silver jewellery

With cleaning cloth

Our efficient polishing cloths from Hagerty are lightly impregnated and suitable for jewelry with smooth surfaces.
The cleaning cloth is perfect to take with you on the trip or in the jewelery box.
The cleaning cloth can be used again and again and lasts a longer time.
Store it in a plastic bag or the packaging it comes in so it doesn't dry out.

With liquid silver polish

Silver dip or liquid polish for silver jewelry is suitable for all types of jewelry.
Liquid polish is preferred for silver jewelery with small details, jewelery with matte surfaces and silver chains.
You lower the jewelry into the small basket that comes with it and let it lie for about 10 seconds. Then you rinse the silver jewelery with water. The silver becomes shiny clean.

Larger bracelets such as cuff bracelets do not fit in the small basket and are polished with a polishing cloth.

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