Uncertain about which size to choose for your new piece of jewelry?
We'll help you find the right fit!
Below, you'll find a size guide for rings, a size guide for necklaces, and a size guide for bracelets.

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Size guide rings

Not sure which size to choose for your new silver ring?
Read Mila Silver's ring size guide

Size guide necklace

Choice of necklace length depends on the model of the necklace as well as length and body type.
Read Mila Silver's size guide for necklaces.

Size guide bracelet

Choosing the size of the bracelet depends a lot on the model of the bracelet.
Mila Silver's bracelets are available as linked bracelets, cuff bracelets and bangles. Size is measured in length, circumference and diameter.

Read more about how to find out your bracelet size.