MINOU Diamond ring, silver - Mila Silver
MINOU Diamond ring, silver - Mila Silver

Mila Silver

MINOU Diamond ring, silver

From $283.00
Silverring med ett band av diamanter.

Mila Silver

ETERNITY Diamond ring, silver

From $624.00

Mila Silver

JULIE Diamond ring, silver


Mila Silver

MONET Diamond ring, silver


Mila Silver

MILA COMBO Noelle Diamond Ring

Silverring med fem diamanter monterade i sicksack
Silverring med runda former som har fem diamanter.
MINOU Black Diamond ring, silver - Mila Silver
MINOU Black Diamond ring, silver - Mila Silver
MINOU Diamond ear studs 0.10 ct - Mila Silver

Mila Silver

MINOU Diamond ear stud 0.10 ct

MINOU Diamant halsband - Mila Silver

Mila Silver

MINOU Diamond necklace


Mila Silver

MINOU Diamond ear stud 0.20 ct


Mila Silver

MINOU Black Diamond Necklace


Mila Silver

RING STACK Diamond rings Black & White

From $1,141.00
MILA RING STACK Frost/Fiona Diamond/Frost ring - Mila Silver
MILA RING STACK Frost/Fiona Diamond/Frost ring - Mila Silver

Mila Silver

MILA CHUNKY ring 4 mm, frosted

From $817.00

Mila Silver


Diamant ear cuff I silver.

Mila Silver

Eternity Diamond Ear Cuff

Silverring med nedsänkt vit diamant.
Förlovningsring i silver till dam med vit diamant.

Swedish made diamond jewelery in silver

Our diamond jewelery is manufactured made-to-order in Sweden in collaboration with Guldbolaget.
The production time is between 1-2 weeks.
The company combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. All diamonds are set by hand.
When you buy a piece of silver jewelry with diamonds from Mila Silver, you can be sure that you are getting a piece of the highest quality with a long life.

Silver & diamonds - modern and timeless

We think the combination of silver and diamonds is a fantastically beautiful combo!
A piece of silver jewelery with diamonds is stylish, modern but also timeless.

- Silver is a durable precious metal just like gold.
- Silver has a white fresh shade that captures the sparkling diamond.
- You can combine your silver jewelery with diamonds with your other silver jewellery.
- A diamond piece of silver feels fresh and stylish.
- Silver is also an affordable precious metal.
This allows us to manufacture our diamond jewelery in Sweden and offer you exclusive jewelery at competitive prices.

Black diamonds - elegant and dramatic

The combination of silver and black diamond is incredibly beautiful!
Black & white In its purest form.
Black diamonds are the most popular colored diamond and their popularity is increasing. Some choose to wear rings with black diamonds as wedding rings! We like!

Quick facts about black diamonds

Are black diamonds real? Yes, it is a real diamond.
How does the diamond turn black?
There are different types of black diamonds. Black diamonds that are black by nature (extremely rare and precious) and colored / treated black diamonds.
Treated black diamonds get their color by irradiating natural diamonds. Natural diamonds that have many inclusions and are gray in color are often chosen for treatment.
Treated black diamonds are most common and are used in Mila Silver's black diamond rings Black Diamond Eternity ring and Minou Black Diamond ring .



Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds that are produced in an ethical and sustainable way.
A lab-grown diamond is produced by recreating the natural formation of a diamond (a natural diamond is created over millions of years, read more below).
A fragment of a diamond is used which is then subjected to pressure and high heat. This process is significantly shorter (weeks) and can be done anywhere in the world with few people involved.
The result is a traceable and conflict-free diamond.

Is a lab-grown diamond real?
It depends on what you put in the word authentic.
If a genuine diamond is a natural diamond that is mined from nature, the answer is no.
If a genuine diamond is a diamond produced by recreating nature's process with technology, the answer is yes.

A lab-grown diamond has the same physical, chemical and optical character as a natural diamond.
A lab-grown diamond is difficult to distinguish from a natural diamond.
It is impossible to see the difference with the naked eye. The appearance, luster and quality are identical.
Lab-grown diamonds are produced through technology in an ethical, sustainable and traceable manner.

Notice. The Swede Erik Lundblad was the first in the world to produce the first lab-grown diamond in 1953.


The natural diamonds used in our diamond rings are conflict-free, approved and certified.
The diamonds are approved according to EU regulations 2368-2002.
We guarantee that our stones are not so-called conflict diamonds according to the Kimberley Process. Our manufacturer Guldbolaget uses suppliers who act in compliance with this process – a regulatory system for the international trade in rough diamonds.


Natural diamonds are formed deep in the bedrock (160-200 km below the earth's surface) by compressing coal under high pressure and high heat. This process takes many millions of years.
The lava flow slowly pushes the diamond up towards the earth's surface.
The diamonds are dug up in countries such as Botswana, Canada and Russia and then cut and polished in Antwerp or India.

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