Silver jewelery for men - design for everyday life

Mila Silver offers a unique range of designed silver jewelery for men.
Our stylish men's jewelery has a good fit and stylish design.
You can wear our silver jewelery in everyday life.
Shower, exercise and work on your jewelry. Silver is durable.
The clean design fits many styles and looks. Combine our men's jewelery with the watch, the leather bracelet and other accessories.
All of our men's jewelry is made by hand in 925 sterling silver.

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The cuff bracelet - a men's piece of jewelery that lasts a lifetime

A durable and useful piece of men's jewelery is the cuff bracelet.
A men's piece of jewelery that can be matched with the watch and other bracelets. Choose a cuff bracelet in genuine silver that will last over time.
The Mila Man 45° Cuff is part of a collection of men's jewelery designed with clean lines and oblique angles. The design is slim and timeless.
Our second cuff bracelet Mila Man Plain cuff is available in polished and hammered silver. Men's jewelry that has an adjustable size and is comfortable on the wrist.

MILA MAN Armband Kedja Oval - Mila Silver

Men's jewelry for everyday life - the silver chain

Discover our latest addition to men's jewelry! Two new men's bracelets with silver chain. Made in Italy by world leading chain manufacturers.
One men's bracelet has a silver chain with oval links and a box-shaped clasp. The second men's bracelet is a solid silver armor link with designer clasp.
Among men's jewelry, the silver chain is a real classic. An everyday favorite that can be styled up and matched with many other men's jewelry.

SET FÖRLOVNINGSRINGAR silver, breda - Mila Silver

The trending men's piece of jewelery - the silver ring

The silver ring is the men's piece of jewelery that has grown in popularity the most in recent times. The younger target group of men wears the ring as an obvious fashion accessory. Rings of different widths are worn on several fingers. The ring is a men's piece of jewelry if it no longer just signals marital status or class.
Mila Silver's stylish silver rings for men are available in two different widths.
The silver ring Plain ring 10 mm (image) is a wide smooth silver ring with a thickness of 1 mm. Our second men's silver ring is a 5mm wide ring with a straight profile, 2mm thick.
Both rings are stylish men's jewelery that can be worn in everyday life.
Our silver rings for men can also be ordered with engraving .