Ett set med ringar som matchar

Våra set med vigsel och förlovningsringar till henne & honom är noga utprovade så att de matchar varandra i stil, bredd och val av diamanter.
Beställer du ett set med vigsel eller förlovningsringar har du en fin bas som du kan bygga vidare på. Till hennes ring kan du sedan beställa till en vigselring som matchar.

Swedish design & manufacturing

Mila Silver designs wedding rings and engagement rings in silver with white and black diamonds.
The diamond rings are manufactured in Sweden by skilled and experienced jewelers. All diamonds are set by hand.
Wedding and engagement rings from Mila Silver are stylish, timeless and modern. Rings with clean lines with touches of classic white diamonds and elegant black diamonds.
The diamonds we use are lab-grown or certified natural diamonds. Read more facts about the diamonds under each ring.

/ Mila Silver

Silver & diamonds - the most beautiful combination

Silver is the most beautiful precious metal. It is white, fresh, modern and timeless. In addition, silver is a durable precious metal that lasts a lifetime.
If you choose silver rings for your engagement or wedding, you can match and combine them with your other silver rings and silver jewelry that you wear in everyday life.
Silver rings with diamonds are a very nice combination that we really recommend!

Choice of size

When you have found wedding or engagement rings in the right design that suits you, it is time to think about choosing a size.

Silver rings without diamonds
Our silver rings without diamonds are in stock. Order one or a few different sizes for testing.
You can then return with free returns and also order engraving.

Rings with diamonds
Mila Silver's wedding and engagement rings with diamonds are made to order.
In the product description of each ring, we recommend smooth silver rings that you can order at home to try out the right size.
Order a couple of sizes and try them on, then return and order the diamond ring(s).
This is the safest way to find the right size for our diamond wedding and engagement rings.

Are you going to propose...
you probably don't want to reveal yourself by asking about your partner's ring size.
One method is to measure a ring your partner has at home that you know fits their ring finger.
Measure the inside diameter of the ring (do not include the metal). You will then receive a measurement in mm that you can compare with the table in our size guide .

For more advice regarding the choice of ring size - ReadSize guide for rings .

SET FÖRLOVNINGSRINGAR silver, breda - Mila Silver

Engraving of wedding & engagement rings

Of course we will engrave your wedding and engagement rings.
Our advice is that you order the rings home without engraving to try out the right size.
When you have found the right size, you send the rings back and order the engraving afterwards.
Various fonts and symbols can be found in the link below.

Design according to your wishes

Do you have your own wishes for how your wedding and engagement rings should look? We are happy to help you during this fun process!

Together, we can come up with a ring design that suits you.
Simple smooth silver rings with customized measurements and profiles and diamond rings in your own design.
We collaborate with skilled and experienced ring manufacturers and jewelers in Sweden.
You can choose rings in silver, recycled gold, rings with lab-grown diamonds or natural diamonds.

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