We want to give your jewelry a long life!
That's why we offer polishing and repair of jewelry purchased from Mila Silver.

Contact us for advice:
info@milasilver.se | 0705-347316


Silver jewelry is scratched and gets marks over time.
You can see it as the piece getting a patina. Tracks from the trip of a lifetime.
Sometimes you still want to refresh your jewelry, give it a fresh start and get back the smooth, shiny surface.
We polish silver jewelry bought at Mila Silver.
The price for polishing silver jewelry varies from case to case.


If your piece of jewelry has broken within a year from the date of purchase, we will repair it at no extra cost. If your piece of jewelry has broken after this warranty period, we will repair it for a reasonable price. Price for repairing jewelry varies from case to case.

info@milasilver.se | 0705-347316


Two silver rings, one with a matte surface and one with a shiny surface.