Guaranteed for life

We truly put a lot of effort into ensuring that we're bringing you high-quality luggage, bags and accessories. When you buy something, you should buy it once and have it for life - it's kinder to the environment and better for your wallet! Our promise to you is that if there is something wrong with your purchase we will do whatever we can to fix it.

We believe that travel gear can be both beautiful, and made sustainably.

  • Durable metal handle
    Shown on the F38 Carry-on

  • Exquisite Tuscan leather
    Shown on the F34 Duffel Bag

  • Power bank and toiletries access
    Shown on the CP38 Carry-on

Our dedication to high quality luggage & bags

An award-winning carry-on is much more than just a nice design, and from the beginning we wanted to ensure the materials would live up to the standards of even the world's most frequent travelers. So, we set out to source the best materials from around the globe. It took 14 different prototypes before we were satisfied with the aesthetics, functionality and durability of our first luggage.

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