Different types of bracelets are measured in different ways.
Maybe you have a bracelet at home that fits. Measure it and compare with our different types of bracelets below.

Bracelet with chain
Our silver bracelets with chain are between 17-19 cm long. Several have adjustable length.
Are you unsure which size suits you? Measure the circumference of your wrist.
Measure with a tape measure or a piece of string that you then measure. Remember to add a 1-2 cm. Is your wrist e.g. 15 cm fits a 17 cm bracelet well.
Keep in mind that the thickness of the link matters. A stronger arm chain requires approx. 1 cm longer length.

The size of an arm ring / bangle is indicated in diameter.
You measure the inside/opening of the bracelet diagonally. Here it is a little more difficult to measure at home, but you can measure the diameter across the back of your hand. Remember to tuck your thumb in because that's how you do it when you put the bracelet on.

Cuff bracelets often adjustable
A cuff bracelet has an opening and is often slightly adjustable in size.
If the bracelet is massive, you must make sure that the diameter matches the back of your hand, in the same way as with bangles.

You adjust a cuff bracelet by pressing both ends together with the palm of your hand. Slip the bracelet on and off from the side of the wrist. That way it keeps its shape.
Over time, your cuff bracelet will be shaped to your wrist and fit perfectly!