This is how you can style silver jewelery from Mila Silver

Stylish design and personal combinations are the basis of Mila Silver's jewelery design.
How you choose to combine and style your silver jewelery affects the design and look.
In this guide, we show examples of how you can style bracelets, necklaces and rings from Mila Silver.


Bracelets are perfect for styling.
Combine rigid cuff bracelets , bangles and bracelets with chains .
A personal mix of bracelets says something about who you are.


A silver necklace can vary and be styled in a variety of ways.
How you choose to wear your silver necklace is a matter of style and personality.
Dare to try new combinations. Style a necklace you already have with a new one for an updated look.
Here we suggest some stylish ways to wear and style silver necklaces from Mila Silver.

  • KEDJA silver Paperclip, 3 mm, 45 cm - Mila Silver

    Style with chains

    Chains are stylish and versatile!
    Style several chains of the same or different models with different lengths.
    Wear the chain with or without a pendant.
    In the picture we have styled two Paperclip chains 3 mm in lengths 45 cm and 60 cm.

    Chain necklace
  • The timeless diamond necklace

    A small sparkling diamond in the neckline is fresh and timeless. Style with diamond ear studs for a classic look.
    The discreet silver necklace is an everyday favorite that can easily be styled up with more necklaces for the party.
    Minou Diamant necklace is a stylish diamond necklace in silver with any length.
    In the picture, the necklace is worn on a 40 cm long chain.

    Minou Diamond necklace
  • No styling needed

    Sometimes the big piece of jewelry can be the most practical and the simplest.
    In a large necklace link like the Mega Chunky Chain necklace, you feel dressed and stylish. Keep it simple, skip the earrings and let the necklace show. If you want to style a statement necklace, invest in a large ring or matching bracelet .

    Mega Chunky Round Chain necklace, silver


We love rings! Rings are personal and can be styled and varied endlessly.
Below we give some examples of different ways to style silver rings from Mila Silver.

  • Stylish narrow rings

    Slim silver rings are perfect for styling. Spread the rings out on different fingers, wear a pair of the rings on the same finger. Combine new rings with rings you already have.
    The possibilities are endless.

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  • Big meets small

    A big stylish silver ring like Mila Silver's Fat Knot ring really doesn't need to be styled with more rings.
    BUT the size of the ring can be enhanced when you combine it with something pretty and stylish. When you style rings with different dimensions, the design of each ring is enhanced.
    By choosing the same metal for all rings, you tie the ring look together and the styling feels uniform and stylish.

    Fat Knot Ring | Mila Combo ring thin | 3 in One ring

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  • Style a ring stack

    When styling rings for a ring stack, there are a few things to keep in mind. (We write more about this in the Ring stacks category. )
    Remember that the height/thickness should harmonize. How you choose to style the rings in a stack is up to you. You can combine a new ring with a ring you already have. You may want to cancel your wedding rings by adding a new ring.
    Ring stacking is a popular and fun way to style rings.
    Mila Combo 4 mm frost/frost/polished is a ring stack in a stylish and simple design. Rings made of solid silver with different surfaces that lift each other.

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