RING STACK Eternity Diamond ring, Black & White


Ring stack | Diamond rings, silver, black/white diamond | Half-Allians | 0.54 ct

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Ring stack with white and black diamonds lifting each other.

The rings are half engagement rings - half the rings are set with white / black diamonds.
The diamonds are set with a claw setting, which means that you can see the diamonds even from the side of the ring.

The ring with white diamonds can be ordered with natural or lab-grown diamonds.
The black diamond ring is set with treated black diamonds.
Read more about the diamonds below.

- Each ring has 18 pcs. 0.015 ct black/white diamonds
- Total: 0.54 carats.
- White diamonds quality: WSI

The rings are made in Sweden to order. Manufacturing time: approx. 2 weeks

Vary the combination by wearing the rings separately or together with several narrow silver rings.

Choice of size

Not sure about your ring size? Read Size guide for rings .
You can also order home one or a few different sizes of Mila Silver's Combo ring thin . It has the same thickness / width as this diamond ring.
Return with the prepaid return shipping slip and then order the diamond rings.


Are black diamonds real? Yes, black diamonds are real diamonds.
There are two types of black diamonds - natural black diamonds and treated black diamonds.
Natural black diamonds are extremely rare and precious. The most common diamond quality for black diamond jewelry is thus treated black diamonds. The diamonds in this ring belong to the latter category.
The black color occurs when a natural diamond is irradiated and heat treated. Often you use a diamond that has many inclusions and is a little grayer in tone.
Black diamonds are just as genuine and hard as their cousin the white diamond.

Dimensions & details

- Each ring: 18 x 0.015 ct | Total 0.27 ct
- Black / white diamonds
- Ring width/thickness: 2 mm
- Round profile
- 925 sterling silver
- Manufacturing time: approx. 2 weeks
- Manufacturer: Guldbolaget

About the Diamonds


Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds that are produced in an ethical and sustainable way.
A lab-grown diamond is produced by recreating the natural formation of a diamond. A fragment of a diamond is used which is then subjected to pressure and high heat. This process is significantly shorter (weeks) and can be done anywhere in the world with few people involved.
The result is a traceable and conflict-free diamond.

A lab-grown diamond has the same physical, chemical and optical character as a natural diamond. Therefore, a lab-grown diamond is difficult to distinguish from a natural diamond. The appearance, luster and quality are identical.

Notice. The Swede Erik Lundblad was the first in the world to produce the first lab-grown diamond in 1953.


The diamonds in our Eternity ring are conflict-free, approved and certified.
The diamonds are approved according to EU regulations 2368-2002.
We guarantee that our stones are not so-called conflict diamonds according to the Kimberley Process. Our manufacturer Guldbolaget uses suppliers who act in accordance with this process – a regulatory system for the international trade in rough diamonds.

/ Mila Silver

Size guide rings

Size guide for rings


How to find out your ring size

- Measure an existing ring you have at home
Measure it with a ruler or tape measure internal diameter in mm
(do not bring the metal).

- Buy a ring gauge
Order a ring gauge that is easy to use. Wrap the band around the finger you want to wear the new ring. Read through the small magnifying glass.

- Measure the circumference of your finger
Take a piece of string or thread and measure the circumference around your finger. Where the ends meet, cut off and measure on a ruler. The measurement you get in mm is the circumference.
Compare this number with the size chart above.

For a more detailed guide, read RING SIZE GUIDE

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