Silverring med blanka vingar.
Smal silverring med blanka vingar fästa på ringen.
Silverörhängen med blanka vingar.
Silverörhängen och smycken i samma design present askar.

Mila Silver

FLY WITH ME Ear studs, silver

$36.00 $73.00
Silverhalsband med blanka silvervingar i kedja
FLY WITH ME halsband, silver - Mila Silver

Mila Silver

FLY WITH ME necklace, silver

$55.00 $82.00
Långa silverörhängen med bågar och hängande vingar.
Tjej som bär långa silverörhängen.

Mila Silver

FLY WITH ME earrings, silver

$69.00 $101.00
Silverörhängen med ovala ving-liknande former.

Thoughts behind the design

Fly With Me! The best is ahead of us.

The Fly with me collection was created based on a drop-shaped pendant. Part from an old piece of jewelry that had been in the workshop for a long time.
When the lone droplet was soldered together with another droplet, the shape became like wings.
The hammered back came about because the back of the pendant was a bit uneven.
The shiny arched front and hammered back suddenly took on a meaning - hope for the future and faith in the future!
The hammered backs and shiny fronts symbolize that the best is yet to come.

The Fly With Me collection is stylish and pretty silver jewelery with a nice symbolism.
A perfect gift to give to a young person about to face life. A piece of jewelry to wear for someone who has come out of a difficult period in life.

Jewelry with messages and symbolism provides so much more than just a fancy aesthetic. Jewelry can be reminders of milestones and important events in life.

/ Mila Silver