MILA COMBO Ring stack 4 mm ringar - Mila Silver
MILA COMBO Ring stack 4 mm ringar - Mila Silver

Mila Silver

MILA COMBO Ring stack 4 mm rings

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MILA RING STACK Frost/Fiona Diamond/Frost ring - Mila Silver
MILA RING STACK Frost/Fiona Diamond/Frost ring - Mila Silver

Mila Silver

MILA CHUNKY ring 4 mm, frosted

From $768.00
MILA COMBO Ring stack Deco - Mila Silver
MILA COMBO Ring stack Deco - Mila Silver

Mila Silver

MILA COMBO Ring stack Deco


Advice before your purchase of a new ring stack

How can I vary the combination?

Consider how you can vary the combination over time.
Can the rings be worn separately?
Can I combine or extend the combination with a ring I already have?
By changing a ring stack, you create several looks that you can vary with.

Wide or narrow ring stack?

Do you like wide mammoth ring stacks or do you prefer several narrow rings in a neat combination?
Read the product description and the total width.
Measure your finger and try to imagine how it will look.

Find the right ring size

Which size you should choose depends on the width, thickness and number of rings.

A wide ring stack may require a larger size.
For a slimmer ring stack, you can often wear your regular size.

The more rings the combination consists of, the tighter the feeling.
If you are in between two of our sizes and the combination is wide or contains several rings, you can probably choose the larger size.

We inform you in the product description if you need to go up or down in size for a specific ring stack.


The feeling on the finger

How a ring stack should feel and sit on the finger is a matter of taste.

Our general advice regarding fit for rings is:
The rings should be able to be slipped on and off the finger with little resistance over the knuckle.
Once in place, the rings should sit a little loose.

You should not drop the rings when you shake hands.
At the same time, it is important that air gets in under the rings so that the skin does not become moist.

Also keep in mind that your hands swell sometimes.
Therefore, it is good to try on the rings you have ordered a few times during the day to be sure that the ring is the right size.

/ Mila Silver

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A ring stack - the starting point for Mila Silver

Three silver rings in one combination was the very first design that Mila Silver (Maria Laakso) produced more than 10 years ago.
The rings were made on a silversmith's course and consisted of two smooth silver rings and an oxidized ring in the middle.

Today, the range of ring stacks is established and under constant development.
A new ring design is usually created with the starting point that it should be able to be combined with other rings.
Enabling personal and unique combinations is a cornerstone of Mila Silver's jewelry design. In this way, the jewelery becomes significant for the wearer and is used for a long time.

/ Mila Silver