Thoughts behind the design

Jewelry from the 3 in One Knot Collection symbolizes love, community and inner strength.

Knot jewelry with knots that are composed of three rings.
Three solid rings that are strong individually but even stronger together. A reminder of the importance of the individual to the community.

Jewelry from 3 in One Knot are great gifts to give to show appreciation or treat yourself. A reminder of the importance of family and community.

Mix and match jewelry from 3 in One Knot for a personalized look.

/ Mila Silver

Knot ring - small, medium or large?

Mila Silver's fine knot rings are available in three variants.

Small Knot ring has a 2 mm round ring rail with a small fine silver knot.
The ring can be worn alone or in combination with our narrow stacking rings .

3 in One Knot ring with medium knot has the same ring rail, 2 mm, but with a larger knot that "pops". Still a pretty ring on the hand, but a ring that is visible and takes on more.

Fat Knot ring is yes... the fattest of them all.
The ring has a solid large silver knot with beautiful shapes.
The ring rail is 4 mm, i.e. twice as thick as the other knot rings.
A beautiful large silver ring that will last a lifetime.

/ Mila Silver