Silverörhängen med ringar.
Kvinna som bär hoop örhängen i silver och silverring i matchande design.
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Mila Silver

A Cross Hoops, silver

En silverring som bildar ett kors.
En hand med flera stora silverringar. A cross ring, Happy ring - en ring med stor kula och en smalare silverring.

Mila Silver

A Cross silver ring

Ett brett cuff armband med kors framtill.
Två stela silverarmband i kombination på en modell

Mila Silver

A Cross Cuff silver


Thoughts behind the design

The A Cross collection symbolizes union.
Two directions cross and meet in a new form. Pure silver lines turn into arcs with small silver balls.
The collection is minimalistic with clean, flowing lines. Silver jewelry that is airy and comfortable to wear.
The stylish design can be combined and matched with many other pieces of jewelry, making the A Cross Collection versatile and useful. A Mila classic.

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