Wedding & Engagement rings

Discover wedding and engagement rings in timeless Swedish design by Mila Silver.
Choose between plain silver rings and silver rings with black and white diamonds for him and her.
Shop a set of engagement rings or buy your rings separately. Our diamond rings are made in Sweden by skilled jewelers.

Silver jewelry in timeless Swedish design

Mila Silver is a Swedish jewelry brand with a fokus on timeless design for the modern individuals. Jewelry to wear and cherish throughout life.
We believe that design and fit are keys to long-term use and sustainability. Our jewelry designs are developed in or own workshop, always with the goal of ensuring the piece has a long life in our collection and is appreciated by our customers. Mila Silver jewelry is crafted using traditional artisanal methods in Sterling silver with accents of certified and lab grown diamonds.

Shop silver jewelry in Swedish design

Mila Silver is a Swedish jewelry brand with a focus on sleek and timeless design. Our high-quality jewelry is crafted in genuine silver, meant to be worn and cherished throughout life.

Jewelry in Sterling silver

Jewelry from Mila silver are made of 925 Sterling silver, without any surface treatment that wears off - "What you see is what you get." Silver is a sustainable precious metal that can be repaired, polished, and melted down for reprocessing. Learn more about caring for silver jewelry HERE.

Combining silver jewelry

We love it when our customers discover new ways to combine Mila Silver's stylish pieces! Combining jewelry creates personal and unique looks, ensuring that the pieces are worn for an extended period. Explore Mila Silver's unique range of ring stacks. Silver rings in combinations that you can vary and change over time. Also, check out our tips and advice on how to style jewelry.

More than just a piece of jewelry

Jewelry tells stories, signals identity, and holds significant personal value for many. That's why Mila Silver's jewelry is designed to endure over time. Visit our Collections to learn more about the thoughts behind each design and find sets with matching pieces.

Finding the right size for your new jewelry

Finding the right size is essential for jewelry to fit and feel comfortable against the body. That's why Mila Silver always offers a 60-day return policy when purchasing jewelry online. Order your jewelry, try it at home, and return or exchange pieces that don't feel right.
Feel free to consult our Jewelry Size Guide for more information.

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