Love in a small box

A selected piece of jewelry is the most personal and meaningful gift.
Explore Mila Silver's gift ideas.
Your jewelery is always delivered nicely wrapped in a gift box with a silk ribbon.
Open purchase for 30 days.

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Free gift wrapping

When you buy a piece of jewelery from Mila Silver as a gift, you get it beautifully wrapped in a box with a silk ribbon, at no extra cost.
Our boxes are eco certified and are available in white, nude and lime green.
We attach great importance to how your jewelery is packaged upon delivery. Of course freshly polished and well wrapped in a luxurious jewelry box with silk ribbon ready to be given away!

Give a piece of jewelry as a gift - 3 good tips

Jewelry is personal and lasts a lifetime.
Therefore, it is an extra nice gift to give away.
Below are our 3 best pieces of advice when giving a piece of jewelry as a gift.

What do you think about yourself?

If there were designs that everyone likes, it would be easy. But when it comes to jewellery, as you know, it's all about personal style, likes and tastes.
Our advice is to trust your own gut feeling and what you like. Of course, with the recipient's style and experiences in mind.

Relationship & context

Are you going to give a piece of jewelry to someone close to you?
Then a piece of jewelry that symbolizes love is a nice and meaningful gift.
Jewelry that carries a message gives the gift an extra dimension.
Is the recipient a work colleague or friend?
Then maybe you should think more about style and context. Is the person classic in style? Does she like discreet jewellery? Should she use the jewelry in everyday life?
Explore our themes with gift ideas for more inspiration.

Size & fit

A smart choice is to give away earrings or necklaces that suit most people.
Mila Silver's bracelets with chains often have adjustable length.
Rigid bracelet/cuff bracelet can be adjusted according to the wrist.
If you want to give a silver ring as a gift, the best advice, if you don't know the recipient's size, is to choose a regular size. "Regular" sizes are 53/56/58.
Read the Size guide for rings before your purchase of a silver ring.

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Welcome to contact us if you have any questions before your gift purchase. | 0705-347316

If it goes wrong...

If a piece of jewelry that you have given away as a gift does not suit the recipient, you have the right to exchange and open purchase for 30 days. You return easily with the prepaid return shipping slip (for jewelry worth more than SEK 400).
During student holidays and Christmas, we extend the time for open purchase until after graduation day or Christmas Eve.