The silver jewelry - a durable gift

A piece of genuine silver in a timeless design is a durable gift that will become a fine memory to carry throughout your life.
A piece of silver jewelry can be repaired, polished and melted down to become something new.
Design and fit are the key to long use and durability. That's why we put extra focus on producing timeless, high-quality jewelry that can be worn and loved in everyday life and throughout life.

/ Maria Laakso
Designer & founder Mila Silver

Free gift wrapping

When you buy a piece of jewelery from Mila Silver as a gift, you get it beautifully wrapped in a box with a silk ribbon, at no extra cost.
Our boxes are eco certified and are available in white, nude and lime green.
We attach great importance to how your jewelery is packaged upon delivery. Of course freshly polished and well wrapped in a luxurious jewelry box with silk ribbon ready to be given away!

When Gifting Jewelry

Jewelry is a personal and thoughtful gift to give.
Below are our top three tips for giving jewelry as a gift.

Meaningful Messages 

Gift a piece of jewelry that symbolizes love or carries a heartfelt message to someone close to your heart. Jewelry with a meaningful message adds an extra dimension to your gift.

Taste & Style

Consider the recipient's taste and style when choosing a jewelry gift. Whether they prefer classic designs, statement pieces, or minimalist elegance, explore our themed gift ideas for inspiration.

Size & Fit

Opt for earrings or necklaces that fit most sizes if you're unsure of the recipient's size. Adjustable chain bracelets or bangles are also safe choices.
For rings, select common sizes like 53/56/58 or refer to our Ring Size Guide for assistance. 

Discover the perfect silver jewelry gift that speaks volumes without saying a word.